Scientific Whiz Kids! – Engage Curious Minds

Supersonic Science Explorations & Eureka Adventures!

Beakers are bubbling’ in our super Secret Agent lab!

Our Scientific Whiz Kids are engaging their curious Einstein minds with exciting educational primary science projects.

Have your LiL’ Mad Scientist join us for a rocking’ fun time!

We as parents know that a child’s favorite questions are “Why?” and “How?” Children are naturally inquisitive and have a desire to investigate. It’s important to nurture those instincts and introduce our early learners to the wondrous world of science! Science is a way for our LiL’ Einsteins to understand the world around them through exploration.

The focus of our Scientific Whiz Kids program is to begin this journey with your child, cultivate a love of science and provide the framework to understand the world and to answer those questions of “Why?” and “How?” We create a fun & safe environment that engages their curious minds & senses. The structured primary science experiments allow the children to sort, classify, handle, observe & build. Skills such as these, learning to ask questions and solve problems, are essential life skills and vital for school learning!

Ages: 5 and up – Workshops available over holiday breaks, summer semester, and by popular demand

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