Ninja Athletic Warrior | Progressive Gymnastics – Nassau, NY

Come join the Ninja Fitness Warrior Athletes as they jump, flip, kick, and FLYYYY taking over one obstacle at a time!

February 15, 2016 – The United States Association of Independent Gymnastics Clubs (USAIGC) has appointed Alexis Valvis and Antonio Rogers as Co-Directors of their new Warrior Program.

It’s the ULTIMATE RACE AGAINST THE CLOCK to blast past their best performance course time.
The ABC’s of being a ninja are Agility, Balance, and Coordination with combined force, high explosive climbing and swinging. So, move over Super Heros… the Progressive Gym Ninja Fitness Warrior Athletes are here to stay!
It all started with NBC’s American Ninja Warrior and it became the fastest growing sport for adults.
Now, Gymnastics Clubs around the country are taking children’s fitness to another level because the CORE of the American Ninja Warrior Program is GYMNASTICS!

Our Ninja Athletic Warrior program encourages kids ​Pr​e-​K​ to middle school age to engage in a physical activity where the goal is not to compete against others, but to focus on self improvement through setting fitness goals, strengthening not only their bodies but their minds as well, and redefining what they thought was possible for them to achieve.

Psychomotor, Cognitive, and Affective Domains of the Ninja Athletic Warrior Program

  1. ​Resiliency-To fall down and get back up and work harder towards your goal
  2. Hard Work- Understanding what steps needs to be taken to reach your goal and full potential
  3. Determination- To be the best you can be; staying with the course to reach long term goal even when frustrated
  4. High-Pain Threshold- physically and mentally to endure short-term discomfort for long-term gain
  5. Patient- Success does not happen overnight and there are no short cute
  6. Brave- Knowing how to overcome fears
  7. Goal-Setting- Setting smaller and larger goals being able to re-evaluate goals and progress to reach desired outcome
  8. Action-Oriented- Know the difference between wishing and doing; The goal is set and the action is taken
  9. Thick-skinned- You can take criticism teaching you to embrace and incorporate feedback
  10. Reflective- Being asked “What do you need to fix” or “How can you make it across easier and most effectively” so you can in turn self-coach.
  11. Internally Motivated- Learn to work hard for the personal satisfaction and not for rewards. Your value comes from within not by any trophy or medal
  12. Self-Efficacy- You believe in the ability to learn new things
  13. Growth mindset- When you don’t know how to do something, you know that you can learn how to do it
  14. Confident- Even when you are nervous you can continue your activity believing in yourself
  15. Physically Fit- Having a foundation of exercise that you will take with you throughout your life as a part of your daily routine
  16. Balanced- Learn how to balance personal life, school, physical activities like Ninja, and work to allow for successful time management